Novel is a full-service cafe, cocktail bar, bookstore and entertainment space.

Cafe -  We have a small roasting room to roast our coffee in house. We're hoping to give you the freshest coffee experience possible. Coffee, lattes, americanos and more will be more than likely roasted in the same week that it lands in your cup. This also gives us the most control over changes so if you want to see something specific feel free to let us know.

Bar - We'll be a full service cocktail bar and we're hoping to have fun with it! Since we're just opening, the menu may have some changes but we'd like to dive into great cocktails with some potential crossover with cafe side making some amazing coffee cocktails.

Books - You can read all of the books and yes, they are all for sale so if you find something you like you can take it home with you. We've partnered with the Green Hand Bookstore to source and curate an amazing book selection so feel free to get lost in the endless layers of print on our shelves.

Entertainment - Novel will have an entertainment space in it's lower level. It's still under construction but once we have the funds available you can look forward to comedy, music, poetry and much more!

Kitchen - We will be upgrading our kitchen operations to offer many more items in the future but check out our current menu until then. 

Wed-Sun: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Mon-Tues: Closed